Facilities with disabled access

Beach access

Toilets with disabled access

Access ramps

  • In Notre Dame de Monts: Plage des Régates and Plage Centrale.
  • In Saint Jean de Monts: Plage de la base nautique, Plage de l’Estacade, Plage de la Baigneuse, Plage des Oiseaux and Plage des Demoiselles.


Tiralos are available in July and August on our beaches. These beach chairs for people with reduced mobility allow the chair to be wheeled on the ground and float in the water.

  • In La Barre de Monts Fromentine: 1 tiralo available Plage de Fromentine.
  • In Notre Dame de Monts: 1 tiralo (from 15th June to 15th September), 1 “hippocampe” armchair and 1 amphibian armchair are available Plage Centrale.
  • In Saint Jean de Monts: 1 tiralo available Plage de la Parée du Jonc et 2 tiralos Plage des Oiseaux.

Sand yachts

Two-seater sand yachts are available in La Barre de Monts, Notre Dame de Monts and Saint Jean de Monts as well as single-seater sand yachts with dual control in Notre Dame de Monts.

Car parks

Adapted car parks can be found in our towns.

Please ask the Tourist Office for more information.

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