Did you know that the Vendée has as many annual sunshine hours as the Mediterranean coast?

Situated between Nantes and Bordeaux, the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts in the Vendée benefits from this wonderful climate and invites you to discover its numerous beaches which are amongst the sunniest on the French Atlantic Coast.

Whether you want a natural beach, a beach in a more lively central area with entertainment or a naturist beach – there’s a fantastic beach here to suit all tastes! In summer the water temperature stays at around 20 degrees, with a safe sandy beach even at low tide. The Pavillon Bleu award shows the high quality of the water.

Find the weather forecasts for Pays de Saint Jean de Monts whether it’s for the weekend or your next holiday in the Vendée.


Monday 02 October 07:10


22 km/h

0.0 mm

Next weekend it’s going to be sunny!

Do you fancy a little break from the day to day routine? Are you snatching a few days away? There will be something magical on offer somewhere in the Vendée that will help you get away from it all.
Whether it’s morning, noon or night, under a blue sky or at sunset, whether you want to treat yourself to boating, swimming, walking, shell fishing, sand yachting or paddle boarding, you will find something to help you unwind and relax.

Here is your essential list of 10 fabulous relaxing holiday activities that you can find in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts.

1) The winning combination – beach and swimming

You walk on the dune path surrounded by pine trees. The noise of the waves gets louder and louder making you quicken your pace. The view, the sounds, the smell and feel give the feeling of disconnect. At the end of the path there is the beach and the ocean. That first blast of sea air will blow away your day to day routine and put your mind at ease.
These are holidays on a beach so wide and broad that you’re spoiled for choice as to where to put down your towel. Bathed in Vitamin D, with your head turned towards the sun like a sunflower, the sand beneath your feet and between your fingers is as fine as flour. Now you are ready to plunge into the salty waters of the sea for a rejuvenating swim.

2) Walks or cycle rides between beach, dune, forest and marshes

When you walk, you only have to do one thing – just let your mind wander. Whilst you’re walking on the dune paths, the forest paths, on the beach or maybe in the marshes, you will certainly have time for reflection. It’s a unique opportunity to concentrate on yourself or to reconnect with your loved ones. Alternatively, and just as beneficial, you can jump on your bike and go off in search of adventure on the 171km of cycle paths.

3) Yoga and meditation on the beach at sunset

Leave the confines of the yoga studio for a space in the fresh air, without any limits: the beach at sunset. The edge of the 19km long beach is long and flat, covered in fine sand and few shells. It’s the perfect place to do a few yoga exercises and some meditation. The sunset on the horizon, the sound of the waves and the sea air will deepen the effects of well-being and relaxation to your session.

4) Catamaran sailing between Ile d’Yeu and Noirmoutier

Whether you sail alone on a rental boat or accompanied as part of a trip or training course, you will be able to glide over the waves in your double hull catamaran. Once you have mastered the techniques, you will be able to speed along with the unique sensation of following the waves over the water. Using the wind to your advantage – what an exhilarating feeling! On board your catamaran, you have a 360 degree view and can take in the wild sandy coast and the dunes with its forest of pine trees. It will be difficult not to develop a passion for sailing.

5) Horse riding on the beach at sunset

Tornado, Jolly Jumper and their colleagues create unforgettable experiences. Lucky Luke for beginners or Zorro for more experience riders – they all invite you for a ride which is magical – as much for them as for you. Walking, trotting or galloping – even ride bareback – choose your own rhythm and let the magic begin in this exceptional natural setting of endless beaches and pine forest.

6) Walk down the 400m pier in Saint Jean de Monts

This is a 400m trip on the water.  It’s longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall with its 320m. Here though, the destination is the horizon rather than the sky. At the end of the pier is the daily presence of the line and net fishermen. The pier, which stretches out into the ocean, is the best spot to be amazed by the stunning sunsets and each and every time you will have to say ‘wow!’

7) Jogging over the sea

Walk or run on the pier and while your lungs are cleansed your eyes can take in the 360 degree view, your nostrils will breathe in the sea air. What better way to put your mind at ease.

8) A sand yacht session on the huge sandy beaches

This is a surprisingly easy sport practiced on the coast, which just requires a little strength in your arms to produce bursts of energy. The sense of freedom and fun will be written all over your tanned face and the moist sea air on your skin will give you a huge energy boost. Sand yachting, which is even starting to be prescribed by doctors, is a must for your programme of total relaxation.

 9) Paddle boarding on floats

Don’t just watch – be the person going to and from in front of those on the beach, stood on your paddle board with your paddle in your hand.  Be one of those who glides on the water with no worries apart from the slight concern of keeping your balance. It’s child’s play apparently! Your thighs, core, arms, shoulders and back will be working hard whilst your mind is free to wander. In the calm ocean your efforts which will be repaid with unforgettable memories.

10) Shell fishing – refreshing and safe in a unique area

The legend goes that it is the result of the night-time labours of a devil helped by his demons. The science tells us that it is a geological marvel which is to be discovered when there is a particularly large tide coefficient of more than 4km at low tide. Either way, the tradition for the area is that it is a unique place to go shell fishing. What is more relaxing that putting on your wellington boots and head to Pont d’Yeu in Notre Dame de Monts to collect your next plate of mussels, clams and cockles for yourself like a local.