Discover the main events in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts

Pays de Monts Trail Run – Saint Jean de Monts

Sunday 9th February 2020

This trail run takes entirely place in a natural setting. The race runs through the Pays de Monts forest and on the dune paths. It provides the competitors with wonderful views over the ocean and the Breton-Vendée marshes. The sandy soil and narrow coastal paths make it a difficult race but an excellent preparation for the spring marathons.
The trail run allows participants to ‘come through’ some of the wonderful locations in the Pays de Monts forest such as the Davière dune, the Saint Jean de Monts golf course, panoramic viewpoints, the Hippodrome de L’Atlantique (racecourse) and le Pey de la Blet. All are accessed via steep and undulating routes through the woods, paths over the dunes and a section on bridlepaths. The runners follow the arrows which are in place along the course.


Winter sports by the sea – La Barre de Monts / Fromentine

From Saturday 15th February to Sunday 1st March 2020

In the mountains but on the coast!
La Barre de Monts – Fromentine is the first destination for Winter sports by the sea!
During the February school holidays, at the heart of a well preserved natural area, in the seaside resort of La Barre de Monts – Fromentine, you will find activities that are usually not suitable by the seaside. With 7km of sandy beaches lined by the Pays de Monts forest, it offers an ideal terrain for everyone to try something unusual.

Some of the highlights:

  • Taster sessions of Dog Sled running
  • Sledging on pine needles
  • Rambling in snow-shoes
  • Treasure hunts

Kid’s Folies – Saint Jean de Monts

From Saturday 4th April to Friday 1st May 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

A festival for children and families
This Festival is full of surprises – toy exhibitions, art workshops, shows, sport activities, fun walks.
This Festival is for 3 – 10 year olds and is a real opportunity to ‘get away from it all’ at the seaside. It’s the chance to leave the real world behind and share some happy family times together.

La Dunaire Montoise – Saint Jean de Monts

Saturday 2nd May 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Night walk
Whether this is your first time or you’re a regular, whether you’re alone or with your family or friends, come and discover the Dunaire Montoise. This walk takes place at night with a route that takes you to the beach, through the forest and the marshes.

La Déferlante de Printemps – Spring festival – Notre Dame de Monts und Saint Jean de Monts

From Wednesday 20th to Sunday 24th May 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Festival of street theatre and lively music.
Street shows for all ages.

Vendée Gliss Event – Saint Jean de Monts

From Saturday 30th May to Monday 1st June 2020 – Postponed to 22nd and 23rd August 2020 due to Covid-19

A festival for anyone who loves paddle-boarding.
The Vendée Gliss Event takes place on the main beach in Saint Jean de Monts.
Over 3 days, there will be competitions, demonstrations and taster sessions between the water sports centre in Saint Jean de Monts and the paddle board village set up on the Esplanade des Oiseaux (the central promenade). Whether you’re just curious, a paddle board amateur or an experienced competitor, the Vendée Gliss Event invites you to make the most of this occasion!

Women’s Tennis Tournament – Saint Jean de Monts

From Monday 1st to Sunday 14th June 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

4th Women’s Open Tennis Tournament
The Lawn Tennis Club is organising its 4th edition of the CNGT tournament on the tennis courts of La Parée Jesus, in the heart of the pine forest. Devised by Yvonnick L’Hurriec, director both of the club and the tournament, this unique event in the world of women’s tennis, brings together around 190 players of all levels from complete amateurs to ranked French players.

Bougez Natur’Ailes – La Barre de Monts / Fromentine – Cancelled due to Covid-19

The Bougez Natur’Ailes (BNA) event is run jointly by the Aeroplage Club of Fromentine, the sand yacht and kite surf association and the local community of La Barre de Monts – Fromentine.
Launched in 2008, this event runs, every year, over the first weekend of June. It takes place at the Plage de la Grande Côte with the aim of demonstrating the various water sports available. The event includes free or nominal cost taster sessions of sand yachting, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and kite sand yachting.

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Festival A Tout Vent – Notre Dame de Monts

From Friday 26th to Monday 29th June 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

The big kite festival
A major event at the beginning of the summer season, this festival attracts kite enthusiasts from around the world. These include both creators of unexpected kites and experienced kite flyers.
Giant kites, poetic aerial eco-friendly ballets and garden windmills are always well worth seeing.
More than 200 French and European kite flyers master the wind on the beach.
The festival is co-organised by the community of Notre Dame de Monts and Les Amis d’A Tout Vent association.
It takes place on the Plage Centrale, in Notre Dame de Monts.

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Triathlon International Hanroad – Saint Jean de Monts

From Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th June 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

36th International Triathlon
For energetic people who love multi-sport activities
Saint Jean de Monts, with its magnificent sporting ground, is thrilled to welcome all the tri-athletes!

La Déferlante d’Eté – Summer festival – Notre Dame de Monts und Saint Jean de Monts

From Wednesday 1st July to Sunday 30th August 2020

Festival of street entertainment and lively music
Concerts and street shows for all ages

Festival Ultrasong – Notre Dame de Monts

Concerts in the heart of the forest of Notre Dame de Monts, in a cosy family atmosphere.

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Festival [A]OUT – Notre Dame de Monts

From Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd August 2020

Urban culture moves to the seaside
The roads become a sports ground which buzzes with activities that can be practised anywhere, anytime. Here in Notre Dame de Monts, the seaside becomes an urban setting. The promenade becomes a stage. Holiday makers can see skaters and their impressive acrobatic skills. The unmistakable sound of the roller skate rubber wheels on the pavement and the noise of basket balls bouncing tell us that we’re in an urban setting. Roads become a public space under the watchful eye of the ocean.

The Ridins Trail run – La Barre de Monts / Fromentine – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Since 2016, the city council of La Barre de Monts – Fromentine, in partnership with the Vendée Triathlon Athlétisme club of Saint Jean de Monts, has organised this trail run. The ridins are ripples of sand which are formed by the wind moving over the sand. The course is very natural with sections on coastal paths, in the forest and on the beach, with only short sections on tarmac.

Caval’Océane – Saint Jean de Monts

From Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th September 2020

Competitions and equestrian entertainment on the beach
19th edition when you will enjoy, with family or friends, competitions, demonstrations and taster sessions.


Vélocéane – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Family cycling trips, meals and entertainment.

Ci t’as la trouille – Saint Jean de Monts

From Saturday 17th October to Sunday 1st November 2020

Entertainment for the family around the theme of pumpkins
Come and discover a programme of activities which are specially designed for families. Entertainment and workshops aimed at 3-12 year olds, some of them that can be shared with parents and grand-parents.
Come to Odysséa each day to discover fun workshops, family entertainment and even a children’s dance.
A programme full of surprises.

Salon Atlantique Zen – Saint Jean de Monts

From Friday 13th to Sunday 15th November 2020 – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Woud you like to have one last chance to escape before winter time and prolong all the benefits of your summer holidays in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts? Don’t miss the Atlantique Zen Fair, which gives you the opportunity to explore personal development and well-being.
There are around 75 exhibitors allowing you to discover new treatments and products:

  • Massage and other physical therapies
  • Personal development
  • Beauty products and products to help well-being (nutritional supplements, aromatherapy products, herbal treatments, diet and foods, items to help well-being

Entry fee: 3€ – free entry for under 12yrs.

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