The Pays de Saint Jean de Monts is bursting with ideas for walks.

There are hundreds of paths and trails which are available all year round. Whether you’re walking, running, on bikes or even on horseback, the options are endless and all in a superb setting. In the heart of the marshes, deep in the forest or on the dunes, there’s something to recharge your batteries.

The Vendée offers a huge choice of walks and trails

Besides the traditional family walk after an enjoyable meal together, there are many other ways to enjoy the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts.

There is a huge variety of options to choose from:

  • 120 km of walkways
  • Guided routes
  • Fun walks
  • 171 km of cycle paths of which 53% are for bikes only
  • 33 km of bridle paths
  • 202 km of trail running routes
  • 46 km of Nordic walking routes

Suffice to say there’s lots to choose from!

The routes are designed to help you to enjoy the local nature which surrounds the many kilometres of pathways. You can try out some of the more remote paths on offer to discover the ‘nooks and crannies’ of the area.

Come and enjoy a truly exceptional environment

Not only are there many varied walks and trails on offer but they also offer the opportunity to discover the beautiful natural spaces of the area.

The national forestry is criss-crossed with paths which can be used by those on foot, on bikes or on horseback. In the summer heat, the pine trees allow you to walk along paths in dappled shade. If it’s poor weather, the branches offer protection from the elements. There are ideal conditions throughout the year with the wonderful aroma of pine, the birdsong, the crackling and snapping of the pine-needles beneath your feet or the wheels of your bicycle. There’s the croaking of the frogs in the ponds hidden here and there – the prospect of some wonderful walks.

The Breton-Vendée Marshes also promise some wonderful discoveries. In Spring they reveals their most beautiful colours under the first rays of sunshine. It’s also at this time that you get the best from the flora and fauna which are so specific to the area. The routes will take you on quiet little maraîchin roads lined with ditches filled with water. It is particularly enjoyable to see this area by bike.

The dune paths offer superb views over the ocean which is a fair exchange for the grains of sand that slip into your shoes…

There are many tools at your disposal for your walks and tours

The Tourist office can provide numerous aides to help you

  • Walking routes
  • Maps with cycle routes
  • Themed leaflets in particular to help with fun walks with children
  • Guide leaflets
  • Available soon – a topography guide