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Cycle paths

Fontenelles Circuit (13.7km)

The cycle paths are secure and shady and ideal for a family bike trip. You will follow one part of the promenade towards Saint Hilaire de Riez then take Avenue des Pins on the left where you pick up the cycle path in the forest until you arrive at the Service area at La Garenne. Those who are hungry may be tempted to stop at the picnic tables for a little snack. You then follow the cycle paths for several kilometres through the forest. After a bit of pedalling, the cycle path on the right will bring you to the sea front at Saint Jean de Monts.

Discover the forest and marshes (30.5km)

A good blast of sea air marks the beginning of this route before you immerse yourself in the Vendée Breton marshes. You will cycle to the Kulmino water tower and then a few kilometres further on to the Daviaud which opens its doors to the town of Barre de Monts and is like a moment frozen in time. We advise you to stay a while in this authentic and lost world which invites you to dream and maybe have a picnic on the site. The route then takes you on to Notre Dame de Monts before joining up again with the cycle path through the forest to Saint Jean de Monts.

Panorama circuit

  • 27km
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Signage: Vendée Vélo
  • Depart from : Biotopia, Notre Dame de Monts
  • Accessible all year
  1. With your back to Biotopia, turn to the right and take the cycle path through the forest. Continue straight on for 800m with a bend to the right at the end.
  2. Cross the road and continue on the cycle path opposite. After 300m, turn left (cross the road). Continue along the cycle path through the forest for around 5km towards La Barre de Monts.
  3. After the sign post for Pey de la Blet on your left, take the cycle path on the left uphill – continue for 1.3km
  4. At the road junction, turn right and continue along the cycle path. After 400m there is a wide bend to the left then continue straight on along the path. At the end, take a right turn which goes under the main road to Noirmoutier – continue for 550m
  5. At the road junction, take a left then the next on the right. In front of the yacht club, continue along the promenade. At the end, turn right (Avenue de l’Estacade). After 200m, arriving at the square, take a left turn. At the roundabout, continue straight on and then first on the right into Rue de la Parée Bernard.
  6. After 100m you can turn left back on to the cycle path through the forest. At the end, go through the wooden barriers and continue along the Chemin de l’Anse. At the STOP, take a left turn on to Chemin de la Garenne. At the following STOP turn right onto the cycle path at the roadside. At the supermarket roundabout continue straight on.
  7. After 800m, before the next roundabout, turn right (chemin du Quai). At the STOP turn left. At the roundabout, take the first exit and return to the cycle path on the right which goes down to the canal.
  8. Follow the canal. At the junction, continue straight on past the lock. Straight on for 850m to the end of the path and then continue onto the road opposite.
  9. After 800m you will pass Le Daviaud. At the bend, continue on the main road. At the following bend, turn right then after 100m take the left turn onto the rough pathway (in front of the house with a white barrier). Follow this pathway and at the junction continue straight on.
  10. At the end of the path, turn right and follow the road for 1.2km to the STOP on the little bridge.
  11. Turn left and continue to the next STOP. Take the left turn (route du Querruy Sellier) going over another lock.
  12. At the junction, turn right (route des Grenouillères) then at the fork 500m further on, take the road to the right. Continue straight on for 1km to the end. Cross the road and continue onto route de la Chaussée. At the end, turn right. Straight on along this road for 1.7km to the STOP.
  13. Turn left, go past Kulmino water tower and take the first road on the right (Route du Château d’Eau). Straight on for 950m then left into Route du Botreau. At the STOP at the end, turn right and continue straight on.
  14. Carefully cross the main road so that you can continue into Rue de la Braie. After 110m at the junction with l’Avenue Abbé Thibaud, you can rejoin the cycle path through the forest to Biotopia.


At the start or finish of your tour, Biotopia is an unmissable place to discover nature in a different way. This site opens doors to the worlds of the coast and the forest, the visible and invisible, thanks to a fun and interactive exhibition with various multimedia and innovative multi-sensory accessories/features.

Le Pey de la Blet

This peak on the edge of the forest dates back prior to the trees being planted. The origin of its name comes from the a shepherd called ‘Blet’ who grazed his flock in the area and would have used the high ground of this ‘pey’ to get a good view to watch over them. It was during the 1990s that the wooden stairway was installed which enabled people to climb above the canopy of pine trees and get a panoramic view over the surrounding landscape.

Le Daviaud

Completely immerse yourselves in the heart of the Vendée Breton marshes! On this 5 hectare site of nature reserve, you can discover this poetic and authentic world. Discover the marshes, its features, its history, its inhabitants and its culture…


Make the most of the fantastic views that you can see from the platform which is 70m high! Using the the binoculars and the maps, you can look at the marshes, the dunes, the forest and the islands. Kulmino, which is a fully operational water tower, gives you the opportunity to learn a bit more about the water that comes out of your taps.

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