In Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, feel free to enjoy simple happiness and experiences in 5 natural and spectacular universes.

The world is yours. All you need to do is grab it!

In Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, the sky’s the limit. Set in a spectacular setting of vast fine sandy beaches, among the sunniest on the Atlantic coast, close to  towns yet natural, you have all the space you need to have fun and get away from it all.

Dream your life in colours.

  • Blue, sandy yellow and green
  • The ocean, the beach, the dunes, the forest and the marshes

Saint Jean de MontsNotre Dame de MontsLa Barre de MontsLe PerrierSoullans, 5 natural, magical and infinite universes for a 365-degree field of experiences.

In Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, life is easy, made of simple happiness. Let’s get back to the simple things in life all year round. The essential experiences, as a family or with friends.  

Every universe has its enchanting power.

Saint Jean de Monts

  • Dive into the biggest resort of Pays de Saint Jean de Monts. A happiness factory 100% open-air sports and leisure. You will almost be giddy with a feeling of freedom when you organise your schedule, delighted by the aroma of the holidays, with the fragrances of pine trees, hot sand and salty air. The range of unique sensations is wide and attractive.
  • First, the show of a landscape oscillating between countryside and urban aspects.
  • Walk along the seafront until you reach the pier, a 400-meter link between the continent and the ocean, where you will experience a long journey on water.
  • There, you will find people fishing and the ocean’s horizon, inviting you to get away from it all.
  • Continue your extraordinary walk on the dune path among the vegetation and with the ocean for as far as the eye can see.

Then comes adrenaline:

  • With a session of sand yachting, speeding along at surf level.
  • An adventure climb in the trees of the pine forest, a horse ride through the forest.
  • Bike rides on the numerous kilometres of bicycle paths.
  • tennis match in the shade of pine trees.
  • catamaran trip to island Yeu.
  • run in the salty air along the fine sandy beach.

Partying, games, and fine dining… both day and night.

La Barre de Monts-Fromentine

Pays de Saint Jean de Monts has in its wealth a seaside village with an authentic charm. You will be soothed by the seaside tranquillity and amazed by its spectacular panoramas. From the sandbar or the dune path of la Grande Côte, the view is astonishing. You are on the outskirts of Fromentine, where the boats come in under the Noirmoutier Bridge.

Along the dyke of the polder of La Prise, the entire Baie de Bourgneuf is extending, impressive,

  • Its oyster-farming parks
  • Fromentine coastline
  • Noirmoutier island

You will also be charmed by the poetry of the Vendée Breton marshes. This marsh yields us some of its secrets in Le Daviaud. The landscape reflects the delicate relationship between marsh and the sea, between fresh and salt water.

Here you will meet inhabitants who are in love with the vicinity of the local natural environment, 

  • People in seafaring professions, 
  • Oyster farmers, 
  • Freshwater fishermen in their plaice fisheries on the Taillée canal and at the Porteau lock gate,
  • Fishermen on their boats in the small authentic ports of Le Pont Neuf and La Prise where each wooden pontoon has a boat and upon each post can be found a bird.

Notre Dame de Monts

Let yourself drift away in a peaceful and reassuring seaside atmosphere. The natural environment here is astonishing. With a smile and no little enchantment, dive straight into:

  • the quiet essence of the natural environment, landing on the heights of Kulmino
  • amid the turning windmills of the Jardin du Vent
  • and in the heart of the forest at Biotopia to discover its secretive and mysterious fauna.

Everything is done to learn on holiday while having fun. Along the wild beach can be found the Pont d’Yeu, a geological wonder which is only revealed during the lowest low tides of the year. This is when the 4 km land bridge to Yeu Island, made of pebbles and limestone, can be approached, admired, walked across and touched. It reveals it secrets: shellfish, clams and mussels to gather.

Also at the top of the list of the local marvels to explore alongside a guide: the spectacle of the herons in their protected nesting area in the forest. Raise your eyes. The trees become nesting boxes and dormitories for 500 birds, grey herons and little egrets.

Le Perrier

le perrier

Do you know the Vendée Breton marshes of Pays de Saint Jean de Monts? A surprising and unusual landscape criss-crossed by water and fields. These marshes are constantly renewed by the moods of the lights of the seasons: 

  • white in winter,
  • fluffy silver in autumn,
  • green and flowery in spring,
  • and honey in summer.

There is plenty to amaze you as you walk along the lanes and paths, on a bicycle, in a horse-drawn carriage or aboard a yole, the archetypal craft of the marshes; you can take time to:

  • admire the characteristic biodiversity,
  • sample the culinary delights of the producers you will come across on your way.

Located at a few kilometres from the beach, it is easy to escape.



In this Vendée village, an atmosphere of human warmth reigns, spread by its inhabitants who promote the village’s artistic heritage, a way of life which is connected to the cultural traditions of the local area.

Chosen land of the painter Charles Milcendeau, Soullans hides a small museum and its warm garden paying tribute to the artist.
Breath of fresh art and or of fresh air, Soullans guarantees you the change of scene you are looking for during your stay. As a reward, the charming little lock gate of Le Porteau will provide you with a bucolic interlude, the Ligneron flowing beneath your feet and the bocage spreading as far as the eye can see.

Another day, pedal through the lanes of Soullans, where you will meet the area’s feathered and furry residents, the little representatives of this welcoming natural environment. The family-run farms along your way will provide you with products to fill your picnic baskets.

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