Discover Pays de Saint Jean de Monts and its 5 towns and villages.

Enjoy the mild weather in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts

Imagine a destination that is 100% natural, kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, at the edge of the horizon. Imagine a seaside resort with nice weather, huge beaches of fine sand, bathed in sunshine and sea-spray throughout the year.

Imagine a place where simple pleasures create great moments to cherish – along the rolling dunes, in the shade of the maritime pines or in the calm ocean.

5 towns, 5 natural open spaces, 5 universes to discover – which is your favourite?

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365°of freedom: our 5 natural open spaces

Surf in Saint Jean de Monts


The Ocean

  • Characteristics: remarkable open space, with only a gentle current

  • Temperature of the water: 16 – 21 degrees in high season

  • Don’t miss: The Pont d’Yeu and its legend

  • Well-being benefit: Did you know that sea water improves the quality of your skin, unblocks your respiratory airwaves and relaxes your muscles

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Vendee and Pays de Saint Jean de Monts


The beach

  • Length: 19km of sandy beaches

  • Characteristics: exceptional sunshine, beaches with a gentle seaward slope and free parking nearby

  • Don’t miss: the ‘Estacade’ pier with its 400m of serenity

  • Well-being benefit: the joy of walking barefoot on the sandy beach

Discover our beaches

Vendee and Pays de Saint Jean de Monts


The dunes

  • Characteristics: natural and protected open space

  • Don’t miss: The dunes path running along the coast

  • Well-being benefit: a real breath of salty sea air along the dunes

Vendee and Pays de Saint Jean de Monts


The forest

    • Length: The forest follows the coast for 18km

    • Trees: oak, strawberry trees, maple, maritime pine (75%) cypress…

    • Local wildlife: foxes, rabbits, squirrels, deer, herons…

    • Activities: lots of shady pathways designed for walkers, horse-riding and bikes.

    • Don’t miss: The Biotopia education centre

    • Well-being benefit: the peace and quiet with aromas of the maritime pines.

Discover Biotopia

Vendee and Pays de Saint Jean de Monts


The marshes

    • Area: 13,000 hectares of marshland

    • Characteristics: the birthplace of marshland (maraichin) culture, huge biodiversity, each season offers its own new colours

    • Don’t miss: Le Daviaud – a natural museum in the open air

  • Well-being benefit: The calming experience of a trip in a yole (local traditional flat-bottomed boat) or a walk or cycle along the waterways

Discover Le Daviaud

Simply sunny – our 10 unmissable activities for the beach

  1. Organise a sand-castle competition
  2. Read a book under one of the pergolas in Notre Dame de Monts
  3. Top up your suntan on the sandy beach
  4. Wander along the seafront
  5. Learn a new nautical sport (sand-yachting, surfing, catamaran sailing or kite surfing)
  6. Go for an early morning run
  7. Treat yourself to an ice-cream whilst looking at the sea
  8. Say Hello to the sculpture called the Baigneuse (female swimmer) – a work by the artist Henri Murail
  9. Go seafood picking for prawns, clams and cockles at low tide
  10. Experience the summer from above with a tour on the Big Wheel (April to October)

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365 easy days

Simply easy going – to go walking and biking

There’s a route to suit all tastes in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts! Ocean, beach, dune, marsh or forest – you can choose your preferred natural surroundings, go at your own pace and let the magic happen. Perhaps you’d prefer to go jogging on the warm sand or through the pines or perhaps you’d enjoy a cycle or scooter ride through the marshes?

Try the ‘Boucle des Panoramas’ – the Panorama Circuit. This will take you from the scents of pine and resin in the forest to the sea-spray on the beach via the marshes. This bike ride will certainly do you good. Discover where to hire bikes in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts.

Would you like to whisper into your horse’s ear?  Add to that the sandy beach, the warm sunshine, and a watchful instructor, and you have the best of partnerships. Whether you ride at a walk, trot or gallop – it’s entirely up to you.

It might wear out your shoes but it also allows you to explore the area. The local walks have some great surprises in store – for example the Pathway of the lighthouse to Pey de la Blet. On your route you’ll see the Fromentine lighthouse, Noirmoutier bridge and the viewing point which gives you one of the best views of the area.

Simple goods from the area – specialities Made in Vendee in our restaurants!

What do our local producers, farmers and chefs have in common? It’s pride! We are proud of our cultivation, cuisine and how we make the most of all the exceptional local produce, day after day. We are proud to share our love of local flavours and passion for our land. We are proud to inspire simple dishes and grand occasions every day. So – it’s now over to you!

Treasures from the sea to be discovered in Saint Jean de Monts restaurants:

  • White gold: Salt
  • The pearl of shellfish: oysters
  • The pignons (small local clams) in Saint Jean de Monts

Treats from the land:

  • Prefou (local form of garlic bread)
  • Trouspinette (local aperitif)
  • Mogette (white beans)
  • Brioche
  • Vendéen Gache (similar to brioche)
  • Fion (local egg custard tart)

“Welcome”, the guarantee of a warm welcome 

welcome label - english speaking community

Wherever you see the Welcome” sign in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, you will find helpful English-speaking persons in your campsite in Saint Jean de Monts or in the Tourist Office

As we would like to best fulfil your expectations, we often organise meet-ups with an English-speaking community group who can offer advice.

And we also have surprises in store for you… 😉

36 (and a half) little treats to enjoy all year round

Pays de Saint Jean de Monts can be experienced all year round! Make the most of your holiday to add to your memories and keep them for the rest of the year, until you return to us in Vendée for your nest holiday.


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