Recreational fishing is available throughout the year on Pays de Saint Jean de Monts beaches

Shellfish gathering

In order to gather clams, oysters, bean clams, you will need the following equipment: 

  • A serfouette (clamming rake) with a maximum of 3 teeth. Tooth total width of 6 cm maximum (2.36 inches)
  • A grapette (clamming rake with no wire net) with a maximum of 3 teeth – Teeth total length of 10 cm maximum (3.94 inches) – diameter 7 mm (0.27 inches)
  • Urchin rake with a maximum of 3 teeth
  • Clam knife

Other tools are forbidden. 

Minimum size
Permitted quantity
Oyster5 cm (1,97 inches)60 oysters up to
5 Kg (11 pounds)
Mussel5 cm (1,97 inches)5 Kg (11 pounds)
Small variety of scallop4 cm (1,57 inches)2 Kg (4,4 pounds)
Bean clam / tellin2,5 cm (0,98 inches)2 Kg (4,4 pounds)
Cockle2,7 cm (1,06 inches)4 Kg (8,8 pounds)
Japanese clam3,5 cm (1,38 inches)3 Kg (6,6 pounds)
Periwinkle3 Kg (6,6 pounds)
Prawn5 cm (1,97 inches)
Other prawns – Sand shrimp3 cm (1,18 inches)

Shellfish that do not meet minimum size requirements must immediately be placed back where they were dug from.


Before leaving for recreational fishing, please check the tide times for your security.

Sea fishing

  • Surfcasting with a rod to fish for sole or bass.
  • Angling from the pier.
  • Boat fishing with a guide

The use of a net is subject to authorisation for surfcasting.

Minimum size
Seabass – Bar commun*42 cm (16,53 inches)
Seabass – Bar moucheté*30 cm (11,81 inches)
Pollack*30 cm (11,81 inches)
Plaice27 cm (10,63 inches)
Sole*24 cm (9,45 inches)
Mackerel*20 cm (7,87 inches)
Sardine11 cm (4,33 inches)

Fish that do not meet minimum size requirements must immediately be placed back in the sea.
* Species subject to marking

Freshwater fishing

Allowed throughout the year in the canals of the marshes (according to regulations) or in the pond in Soullans.

To ensure that fishing remains a leisure activity accessible to as many people as possible, a pontoon with disabled access has been specially designed Route du Fief Noumois à Notre Dame de Monts.

A fishing card (annual, daily, weekly, discovery…) is required.
On sale in our Tourist Offices.

Minimum size
Pike*42 cm (16,53 inches)
Zander*50 cm (19,69 inches)
Black-bass*30 cm (11,81 inches)
Trout*27 cm (10,63 inches)

Fish must be put back in water immediately as soon as they are caught if their length is lower than the legal minimum size.
* Species subject to marking

More information in our Tourist Offices