28 June 31 August 2024

Pays de Saint Jean de Monts

The Festival A Tout Vent, from 28th to 30th June, will herald the start of summer 2024. Events, activities, and entertainment will continue all summer long in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts. 

A Summer Full of Events and Activities 

What joy it is to enjoy a concert, a show, street theatre, or a festival… Savouring these timeless moments. Laughing. Admiring. Going home with music still resonating in your head. 

So, what exactly can you expect this summer in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts? 

Shows and concerts

La Déferlante : A unique and completely free cultural and artistic programme. Artists perform at several Atlantic coastal resorts in July and August. La Barre de Monts, Notre Dame de Monts, and Saint Jean de Monts have numerous dates. This street arts and contemporary music festival makes culture accessible to all

Theatre enthusiasts won’t want to miss the 36th edition of the Fromentine Theatrical and Musical Festival. The troupe will take to the stage again in July and August, performing several works with flair. 

Continuing in the world of performance, many concerts are offered during the summer in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts: 

Photo of a concert at the Clairière theatre in Notre Dame de Monts
  • Enjoy musical notes from the terrace of the Nautical Base in Saint Jean de Monts. Tempting, isn’t it? Facing the beach, the ocean, and the pier, the Sun Ocean evenings promise to be wonderful on 19th July, 2nd, 9th, and 23rd August 2024. 
  • In Notre Dame de Monts, you can soak up the sounds of concerts in the enchanting setting of the Jardin du Vent or the Clairière Theatre during the Ultrasong festival from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th July 2024. 
  • The pleasant space of Petit Bois in La Barre de Monts also gives pride of place to artists for intimate concerts at dusk. 
  • The newest festival in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, Réveillons-nous!, offers concerts at dawn, outdoors in iconic locations of the destination, followed by breakfast. An unprecedented experience to be enjoyed in July. 

We can’t list them all, but rest assured there will be other delightful surprises awaiting you when you arrive in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts this summer! Check the agenda regularly to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Sporting events

As part of Planète Beach, Saint Jean de Monts comes alive daily with sports activities on the beach. There’s something for everyone: babies, kids, teens, or the whole family—get ready to get active! 

In La Barre de Monts – Fromentine, the Fête du Pont Neuf will return in July, as will the Ridins Race and the Oyster Festival, both back on Sunday, 21st July 2024. 

A few kilometres away, Notre Dame de Monts will spotlight street sports during the [A]OUT festival on 22nd and 23rd August 2024. Breakdancing, colour rollerblading, BMX, graffiti, skate park—the urban decor becomes a playground! 

The Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup returns for its fifth edition on 10th and 11th August 2024. Over a weekend, amidst water sports, this charming seaside neighbourhood takes a step back in time. Volkswagen vans in the streets, vintage windsurfing on the water, a surf camp… Seventies vibes guaranteed! 

Cultural activities

To fully engage in your holidays, how about participating in hands-on workshops, guided tours, or nature walks? Learn the technique of furoshiki, meet a beekeeper, a forester, or an oyster farmer, get initiated into sewing, or make a kite—these are just some of the discoveries that await you during your stay in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts. 

The Palais des Congrès Odysséa in Saint Jean de Monts will host its major summer exhibition from 6th July to 31st August 2024.

A Wide Range of Activities 

Curiously, fatigue never really sets in during holidays… Probably because you don’t want to miss a thing! You soak up vitamin D under the sun’s rays, the good mood of your loved ones is contagious, and your happiness levels soar. 

How will you spend all this newfound energy? 

Sail. The ocean caresses the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts along a 19 km stretch. Make the water and the beach your favourite playgrounds. Land sailing, surfing, paddleboarding, canoeing, kitesurfing, tubing… Finally try that water sport you’ve been eyeing or perfect your favourite discipline. Watersports promise you great sensations! 

Experience nature. Rich in vast natural spaces, the destination offers a multitude of activities in a preserved environment: electric scooter rides in the forest, Nordic walking on the beach, golf facing the ocean, tree climbing in the woods, shore fishing… 

Get some air. Crisscrossed with trails and paths, the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts invites exploration through playful walks, bike rides, horseback riding, orienteering… You become one with the surrounding nature. 

Have fun. Aren’t holidays the time for fun and letting go? We’ve listed the best amusement and leisure parks in Vendée for you. Water parks, mazes, mini-golf, go-karting, laser tag—all these activities give you a good dose of adrenaline and pleasure! 

Meet animal and plant species in the animal parks, aquariums, and gardens of Vendée. While visits don’t always thrill the youngest, these should delight them. We guarantee amazement in the eyes of your children or grandchildren. 

The Joys of Summer Rediscovered 

Each season offers its share of simple pleasures. The list is long for summer, often eagerly awaited: the sun, the beach, light clothing, barbecues, long evenings, fireworks… In the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, these little joys multiply. 

  • After a breakfast on the terrace of your accommodation, set off for a trail run in the forest under the mild morning temperatures, sheltered from the wind.
  • Before lunch, cycle to one of the daily markets. With your taste buds and eyes awakened, you’ll be tempted by the delicious scent of Vendée brioche and the intense red of local tomatoes.
  • At the end of a sunny afternoon, enjoying the beach and swimming, put on your sandals and head to the pedestrian streets. Visit a few shops with attractive windows, then treat yourself to an ice cream or Montois chichis for a snack.
  • In the evening, stroll through the artisan market in Notre Dame de Monts after dinner at a restaurant. Children enjoy their hot lollipop made right before their wide eyes.
  • On 14th July and 15th August, watch the fireworks. The sky adorns itself with golden, red, and blue lights before you fall into the arms of Morpheus at the end of a wonderful day.
Photo of the hot lolly stand at Notre Dame de Monts

See you soon in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts! 

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