English-Speaking Community

Do you know about the English-Speaking Community Group here in Pays de Saint Jean de Monts?

A warm welcome, and hospitality, are an integral part of Pays de Saint Jean de Monts, and the Tourist Office works particularly hard to welcome our foreign visitors to the area. It is for this reason that a few years ago, we formed the English Speaking Community Group.

Who are they ?

This group brings together native speakers who all fell in love with the region and decided to either live here permanently or buy a second home. The group also includes French natives who have lived and worked abroad and who bring their own experiences. The thing they have in common is that, whilst they are all anglophiles, they all love this region and wish to contribute to their adopted country – particularly to help welcome future British and English-speaking visitors. They engage in lively conversations and discussions, sharing their various views and ideas.

How does it work?

Several meetings are arranged with the community throughout the year. They are arranged around a meal, or perhaps a cup of tea. These meetings allow the group to discuss various themes or projects such as the English version of the website, translation needs, or even the strange French ways and habits that Britons need to get used to! The main aim of these meetings is for the Tourist Office to get a better idea of the needs of British visitors and to better understand their expectations. This sharing of experience allows the Tourist Office team to adapt its various documents and schemes used by our Professionals (e.g. The label “Welcome, C’est beau ici”) and to offer advice and information in a more personalised way.

The Tourist Office wants to do as much as possible to provide our foreign visitors with an unforgettable stay in our region of Pays de Saint Jean de Monts. Working directly with local British residents provides a wonderful opportunity to develop the options which are open to English speaking visitors.  We want to shine a spotlight on our local experts and you will find photos and short personal descriptions of some of our members who want to introduce themselves and their experience of the region…


Of Welsh/Birmingham origin but Vendeen since 2015.
A big sports fan with a love of running on the beach and on the many forest paths.
Now working as freelance language teacher and sports coach.
Loving my life with my new French friends and neighbours with no intention of moving back to the UK!


I’m a born and bred Brummie who had a lifelong ambition to live in France thanks to my maternal French roots. 

I run my own small business and enjoy working on various projects with colleagues at the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts Tourist Office

I love being able to walk on the beaches and along the dunes – it’s so beautiful and a constantly changing landscape with the tides, the sand and shells, the birds and of course the beautiful blue skies and sunshine!

Life is so different here to back in the UK and after 6 happy years – I’ve certainly no plans to leave!