Come and find out about our local producers

Lots of good things have their source in the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts and they are frequently brought about by one of our passionate local producers. Whether you fancy something to eat or perhaps you’re really thirsty, these Ambassadors of Flavours ‘Made in Vendee’ have what it takes to satisfy your needs.

Come and meet them and discover the richness of our local gastronomy. Bring a rucksack or a basket as be warned – you will be spoilt for choice!

This summer, local producers at the heart of the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts are opening their doors to visitors

Welcome! Whether it’s a farm, oyster bed, greenhouse or workshop – each producer has their own speciality and domain of activity, but they all have something in common, which is the wish to share their knowledge and expertise with you. If you want to make the most of your visit, you can leave with some of their produce in your basket!

🍺 Craft beers

If you’re looking for taste but with an eco-friendly commitment, you will find this at Ingrid and Francois’ craft brewery in the heart of the Vendee Breton marshes. From brewery production process to sales – everything is done onsite by these two who are fierce defenders of their local biodiversity.

Make the most of your visit, which is free of charge, to find out more about the history, the process and their barley and hops before tasting their beers with the funny names of the birds that can be found in the area e.g. Gorge bleue – Blue Throats, Avocettes – Avocets…

La Petite Ramoniere 85690 Notre Dame de Monts

🦪 To enjoy fresh oysters

It’s not David who goes to sea, it’s the sea that comes to David and when it retreats, he has beautiful shining baskets of oysters that you can sample on site. It’s fresh, it’s local, and tasting takes place on a terrace overlooking the sea. For those who want to find out more, David also offers guided tours of the oyster farms around Fromentine which is his favourite place. There’s everything you need to impress and spoil all the family at the L’Huitriere de Fromentine

Chemin des Ostreiculteurs, 85550 La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

 🍫  An ethical treat

Do you want to have a unique tasting experience? Melanie will help to change everything you thought you knew about cocoa beans through French chocolate manufacture Bean to Bar 20° Nord 20° Sud

It’s a completely French manufacturing process as Melanie oversees 100% of the activity here in the Vendee. Bean to Bar meets the challenge of taking the process from the cocoa bean to the bar of chocolate in a way which is more ethical and respectful of its producers. It’s a great way to have a guilt-free treat.

11 Route de la Taillee, 85690 Notre Dame de Monts

🧂 A pinch of salt

Can you come to this area without finding out about salt – unthinkable! The Salt Marshes are at the source of this culinary treasure. Come and meet Bettina et Guillaume (Les Boucheaux et Les Blanches), Analia and Julien (Les Salines du Breuil), Thierry (Les Valencières) and Alexis (Prédevie). They are all passionate about their craft and willingly share their knowledge and love of their trade which uses methods passed down through the ages to produce this ‘white gold’ of the marshes

Prédevie85270 Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez

Les Boucheaux17 Rue du Gois, 85230 Beauvoir-sur-Mer

Les Salines du BreuilLe Breuil, 85230 Beauvoir-sur-Mer

Les BlanchesRue des Sables, 85230 Beauvoir-sur-Mer

 Les Valencières: Route du Port des Champs, 85230 Bouin

🌿 Try out Sprirulina

This record-breaking eco superfood is now an essential item for many. Made popular by sports personalities, the high level of proteins also makes it a popular product for vegetarians. Philippe and Adrien at La Spirulinerie in Bouin won’t tell you anything different. Discover the superpowers of this biomass of cyanobacteria during a visit to the aqua farm in the Breton Marshes and become the Popeye of the Vendee Coast!

→ La Motte, 85230 Bouin 

🌱 Find out about Flower Power

Sylvie and Florence at the Jardins de la Cure in Beauvoir-sur-Mer have too many skills to mention – cultivating, gathering and then transforming aromatic and medicinal plants. Once they have collected their plants, there’s a whole universe of flavours and scents to please your senses. Don’t miss the free visit to the gardens in the summer to marvel at the flower beds, the drying rooms and the distillery.

→ La Cure, 85230 Beauvoir-sur-Mer

🧀 Discovering Cheese

Why not come along and visit the Fromagerie Beillevaire in Machecoul where you can find out about the amazing adventure of milk, from the cow to the creamery. There are 6 production workshops, 4 cheese stores and 400 dressed moulds – a simple bit of cheese becomes an artform.

→ 11 Rue Denis Papin, 44270 Machecoul-Saint-Même

Come and find them at their Market stalls

It’s not possible to make on-site tours with the following producers but you can buy their products direct from their premises or find them at one of the various local markets. It’s another way of promoting local produce and rewarding them for their work.

So – what local specialities are you going to treat yourself to today?

🍯Knowing your stuff

Anne-Laure’s 250 beehives located between the marshes and woodland are to be found at Au Pré des Abeilles in Notre Dame de Monts

→ Le Pré Aux Veaux, 85690 Notre Dame de Monts

🦪 Coming out of your shell

Come and say hello to the oyster farmers Julie and Sébastien (Les Huîtres du Cap Horn), Margot and Jérémy (Les Huîtres Martineau), not forgetting Yohann and Corinne at Petits Patroyards.

→ Les Huîtres du Cap HornLe Pont Neuf, 85550 La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

 Les Huîtres MartineauChemin des Ostréiculteurs, 85550 La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

🥕 For a basket of vegetables

Come and try asparagus freshly picked by Caroline at the Jardins des Colibris and the sun ripened aubergines picked by Sabine at Pineau Maraîchage.

→ Aux Jardins des Colibris30 Chemin du Grand Bois, 85300 Soullans

 Pineau Maraîchage: you can find their market stall at the local produce markets in Le Perrier. You’ll also find them in Saint Jean de Monts where their stall is located in Place Jean Yole, outside the Market Hall.

🐄 To find out if love really is in the fields

Pure air, rich grass and tenderness – all the proof you need to see that there’s nothing missing in the love of our farmers for their cows. You only have to hear Laurence (Ferme du Pré Tords) talk about them! Come and buy your meat direct from this producer who truly puts her heart into the task.

 Ferme du Pré Tords: 102 Chemin de Bel Air, 85300 Le Perrier 

You can find a good number of these delicious local products in various shops around the Pays de Saint Jean de Monts. They are also available to buy in our local Tourist Offices.