Sustainable tourism

Professionals and a whole territory involved in the sustainable development

Pays de Saint Jean de Monts is the story of an 80% preserved land, large expanses of sandy beaches, a hand-planted pine forest and a full-scale marsh.

Lovers of this playground, around thirty professionals commit themselves daily to a sustainable tourism which respects our environment.

Presentation of our environmental initiative “Engagés pour une destination durable”

We know you adopt an ecofriendly behaviour by accomplishing daily eco gestures all year long. But what happens when you are on holiday?

Are you keen on recycling? Putting glass with glass, plastic with plastic, and separating stoppers? Have you adopted several hens and given them a nice home at the back of your garden? Do you keep repeating to your children to turn off the lights because “you are not living in Buckingham Palace”?
If that is the case, we are certain you will join our environmental cause.

As for the others, aspiring nature lovers, nothing is lost yet and everything is still possible.
This way, we have built a collective initiative at the scale of our territory to satisfy both environmentalists’ and newly nature amateurs’ expectations.

Through their campsite, recreational equipment, holiday resort, real estate agency or retail store, our partners Fabien, Bénédicte and Alain, Catherine, Nicolas, Grégory, Marion and Cédric, Marie, David, Alexandre, Mickaël – and so many more, are committed to our environment.